Sustainable ecoresin jewelry for nature lovers!
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Do you love Nature? Handcrafted jewelry? Eco friendly design? What a coincidence, so do we!

Hello there!
We're Vanja and Morana, two nature lovers with a slight touch of 'ocd' when it comes to jewelry making. Madly in love with Nature's details and textures, we spend our days making minimal jewelry that's elegant and wearable.
It all started four years ago when we encased our first flower in resin. This made us explore the material more and realize its full potential when it comes to preserving nature. Which brings us here...

Every day we're inspired by Nature and it's diversities in colors and patterns! We produce the jewelry in small series which helps us to personalize production of every piece. It also allows us and to focus on fine details while reducing waste during the process.That way, it's easier to achieve good quality!
Extra attention is given to details and every piece is individually cut and sanded so it exposes a different angle of the 'nature finding' immersed in resin.
Finished items are finely sanded and then polished with a mixture of bees wax and olive oil to give them that subtle shine. Every piece reflects the natural beauty of its content and many of them are double sided so you can always switch it up!
Hidden Garden jewelry is carefully handcrafted and packaged in our little studio located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Why we use Bioresin you might ask? Well,it's made by employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful byproducts and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from production of the resins by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies. 

We love using 'nature findings' collected during our forest walks and transforming them into wearable slices of Nature. Sometimes we'll use pretty things found on our travels or even colorful spices and pigments to color the resin. We are currently researching a way to use waste materials and recycle them into something functional and beautiful. New ideas seem to come up every day!

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